Human-inspired Robotics and Systems

August 1, 2022, Harbin

Professor Hong Qiao

Presentation Abstract

This plenary talk explores the challenges of human-inspired robotics and systems in the context of cross-disciplinary robotics trends. Theory and application underpinned human-inspired robotic systems evidently become one of the fast-growing robotics research frontiers, requiring joint forces from multiple disciplines such as information science, engineering, materials and neuroscience. With profound understanding of human neural mechanism and humanoid, human-inspired robotic research is expected to breakthrough bottlenecks such as operational compliance, control sparsity, system robustness, etc. in robotic systems, aiming to further enhance collaborative capabilities in friendly co-existing human-robot world. This talk presents the frontier progress of human inspired robotics research covering humanoid robotics, neuro-inspired robots and their applications in order to forward the research frontiers in machine autonomous intelligence and human-machine collaboration.


Professor Hong Qiao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow, the Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is the Awardee of the National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar in 2007, the Second Prize of the National Natural Science Award, the highest fundamental research award in China, in 2014. She is elected as IEEE Award Board Member, IEEE Fellow Committee Member, IEEE RAS Fellow Nomination Committee Member and IEEE RAS Advisory Committee Member.

Prof. Qiao makes pioneering contributions to interdisciplinary robotics theory and applications. Her theory of “Attractive Region in Environment (ARIE)” is widely accepted as “Qiao’s Concept” with various applications in industrial robots in China. She is an internationally-recognized and highly-cited leader in high-precision robotic manipulation and biologically-inspired robotic cognition and manipulation. She has published numerous peer-reviewed international journals and conference papers, and patents. She also serves as Associate Editors of six IEEE Transactions and Editor-in-chief of Assembly Automation.

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