Robot-assisted remote minimally invasive surgery based on 5G technology

August 1, 2022, Harbin

Professor Shuxin Wang

Presentation Abstract

Remote surgery helps to effectively balance medical resources. However, robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery faces time delay and safety problems in the remote surgical environment. In view of the above problems, this talk will introduce the design method of a minimally invasive robotic surgery system for remote operations. 5G technology is adopted to reduce the time delay of the robot, and artificial intelligence algorithm is combined to improve the safety of the system. A “MicroHand” minimally invasive surgical robot that can assist remote surgery is successfully developed. At present, the system has obtained the approval of China’s National Medical Products Administration, and 51 remote clinical trials have been successfully carried out.


Shuxin Wang is a professor at Tianjin University, China. His research field is medical robots. He successfully developed a minimally invasive surgical robot (called MicroHand) and obtained NMPA approval. At present, he is committed to the research of robot-assisted telesurgery. He is the chief scientist of the Institute of Medical Robots and Intelligent Systems (IMRIS) of Tianjin University. He was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2021. He also won the ASME DED Leonardo Da Vinci Award in 2021.

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