Computational Psychophysiology Based Emotion Analysis for Mental Health

Professor Bin Hu

August 1, 2022, Harbin


Computational psychophysiology is a new direction that broadens the field of psychophysiology by allowing for the identification and integration of multimodal signals to test specific models of mental states and psychological processes. Additionally, such approaches allows for the extraction of multiple signals from large-scale multidimensional data, with a greater ability to differentiate signals embedded in background noise. Further, these approaches allows for a better understanding of the complex psychophysiological processes underlying brain disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, depression, and anxiety. Given the widely acknowledged limitations of psychiatric nosology and the limited treatment options available, new computational models may provide the basis for a multidimensional diagnostic system and potentially new treatment approaches.


Bin Hu is Professor and Dean of the school of Medical Technology in Beijing Institute of Technology and Adjunct Professor of Computing Department at Open University, UK, Lanzhou University, China. His research areas focus on affective computing and computational psychophysiology. He is currently an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) fellow. He is Chair of TC Computational Psychophysiology at IEEE SMC and Vice-Chair on the China Committee of International Society for Social Neuroscience. He is also currently serving as a member of the Steering Committee of Computer Science and Technology at the Chinese Ministry of Education. He has been PI of many key research projects funded by European FP7, National Key Research and Development Program of China, and National Basic Research Program of China (former 973 Program). He has published more than 400 research articles and been granted over a dozen patents. He was a recipient of many research awards, including the 2014 China Overseas Innovation Talent Award, the 2016 Chinese Ministry of Education Technology Invention Award, the 2018 Chinese National Technology Invention Award, and the 2019 WIPO-CNIPA Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention . He was Chair or Steering Committee Member of many international conferences. He was the Guest Editor of Science supplement “Advances in Computational Psychophysiology” by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transaction on Computational Social Systems and Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Affective Computing.

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