Recent Progress of Underwater Acoustic Communication and Networking for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

August 1, 2022, Harbin

Professor Gang Qiao


Underwater acoustic (UWA) communication and networking technologies have played a great role in cooperation of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), while they are facing great challenges such as extremely large propagation delays, high marine noises, limited bandwidth, rapid time variation, large Doppler spread and so on. In this report, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of UWA communication and networking technologies for AUVs, low-speed and reliable communication for AUV remote control, high-speed communication for AUV data retrieval, and efficient MAC protocols in AUV Networks. Besides, some applications and experimental results of UWA communication and networking for AUVs in recent years will be presented.


Qiao Gang has been a full Professor with Harbin Engineering University (HEU), and served as the dean of College of Underwater Acoustic (UWA) Engineering, HEU. He is also the director of National Key Laboratory of UWA Science and Technology, and the director-general of Acoustical Society of Heilongjiang Province. His research interests lie in the areas of UWA communication and networking, bionic UWA communication and detection, UWA localization and navigation technologies. He and his group proposed the full-duplex UWA communication system and bionic covert UWA communications, and developed a series of UWA modems. He published over 150 papers, got over 50 China National Invention Patents and achieved over 10 Provincial and Ministerial-Level Science and Technology Awards.

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