ICIRA 2022

Smart Robotics for Society

The 15th International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications

Harbin, China

August 1-3, 2022

Camera-ready Submission

The camera-ready version of the accepted papers also should be submitted through the submission system CMT3.

First, please carefully revise your paper according to the comments from reviews, and make sure your paper is prepared using the official paper template (https://icira2022.org/paper-submission-2/). Also, please reduce the paper content within 12 pages, and 8-10 pages are strongly recommended.

The author list in the CMT system should be consistent with that of the manuscript!

The following items need to be prepared for the Camera-ready version:

1) The Final Source Files (either Latex Source Files or WORD Document) must be uploaded to the submission system (named as PaperID.zip, PaperID.doc or PaperID.docx, e.g., 3.zip, 25. zip or 174. zip)
2) A final PDF file corresponding exactly to the final source files (named as PaperID.pdf , e.g., 3.pdf, 25.pdf or 174.pdf)
3) A license-to-publish agreement, signed by hand by the corresponding author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper. Please fill the first page and sign the last page (named as ICIRA2022-Copyright-PaperID.pdf, e.g., ICIRA2022-Copyright-3.pdf, ICIRA2022-Copyright-25.pdf or ICIRA2022-Copyright-174.pdf).
4) Registration and payment through the link: https://www.wjx.cn/vm/tU949Wn.aspx

Note:The submission system of the camera-ready version will be closed at 20:00, June 18 (Beijing time), and please complete all the four items above in time.

The poster template can be downloaded here.

Should you have any enquiries regarding submitting the paper or registering the meeting, please contact the conference secretariat through mail info@icira2022.org

2022 International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications

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